'Hope' is the title I have borrowed from George Frederick Watts painting of the same name, painted in 1886.

The picture by Watts is one of a series of allegorical subjects intended for a decorative scheme known as the 'House of Life'. He painted blind Hope seated on a globe playing on a lyre with just one string remaining. Bending her head to listen to the faint note, her efforts appear forlorn; the overall atmosphere is one of sadness and desolation rather than hope.

In nature, particularly in the autumn, nature on the whole has come to the end of its most fruitful period. Most seeds will fail to find good soil or have a chance to seed. But unlike the melancholia in Watts' painting, I find optimism in these images, particularly the oak cup without its acorn, now possibly buried beneath an avalanche of autumn leaves, discreetly rooting itself into the soil for a long life ahead!