Begging: a cab drivers opinion

He's not poor, he has an ice cream,

he's healthier enough to smoke,

so he can get a job,

he's young.

2017 July, Malta, Graham Barker 



Shit happens.

On the following day...

2017 London, UK, Graham Barker 

Tea house

I know her

I think I know her

What do I know?

She's familiar

In an unfamiliar way

Of course

I have tried to specify her

But words fail to find permanence

Like paper tacks

She offers what is vital

But perhaps I don't listen

We're the last to leave.

2017 October, London UK, Graham Barker 

Larkin around with Morrissey

They wallow in the mundanity of the everyday
Of every week, of every year
With the ambition of remaining the same
Their expectations kept low
To side-step the disappointment
From him, from her, the family
So-called friends
But it happens anyway
There's always broken glass
In someone's back garden
Someone's always to blame

And so the drama begins
Again. Again.
A TV soap series on a constant loop
Each day ending without resolution
To occupy their time for evermore
With things that matter most to others
Not themselves
It's what makes living so prolonged
And bereft of joy

During such times like these
When melancholia sits on their lap
Like an old wet dog that refuses to die
They'll watch the TV news
Seeking comfort from the crap hitting the fan Somewhere else
Far from here
It makes them feel better
At the very most.

2017, London UK, Graham Barker 

Blah, blah, blah!

I imagine there will be an end to all this
Trouble and griping
It's hard to stay silent
Refrain from explaining away the lies
In fact,

I hope more than I imagine
Hope has more chance
Or is it the same?
Hope, prayer, wishful thinking
Cousins of pointlessness

2017 London UK, Graham Barker 


A girl in the queue looks back over her shoulder and gives a smile and a wink to her boyfriend who waits for her to bring the coffees. They've been separated for a whole 2 mins. Being apart at this early start of a relationship can seem so vast.

2017 UK, Graham Barker 




of the intimate kind

Body and soul

Frequently, if not

Once in a while


More one

Than the other

They have a knack

Of stopping you


In your tracks

Losing the thread

Of a conversation

With oneself

On every occasion

It's only sometime later

You remember

What is sacred

To have

To hold

To lose

To defend

At all costs


I'd prefer to remain

An addition not a substraction

That doesn't ask

That I become

But what I am already

As I'm found

Is that too much too ask?

2017 October, London UK, Graham Barker 

The following day

Black hair, shoulder length
Lilac cardigan
Emerald green dress with dark pattern
Bare legs, dark tea
Thin calfs

Black hair, shoulder length
Yellow ochre cardigan
Patterned dress with a purple flowers
Bare legs, dark tea
Thin calfs
A smile of recognition

London UK, Graham Barker 


We long for it
The sun, the heat
The long summer days
Something akin to the summer of '77
Some years
Like this year
It arrives
And we indulge and turn red

After a few days we reminisce
And moan for the other
The opposite
What was before
That which was replaced
And so on
And so on
And so...
So changeable like the weather
We island folk
Always seeking happiness
Never content

Always craving for what we had only yesterday

Never appreciating today

As if joy is always locked into the past.

2017 UK, Graham Barker