Observing in slow motion

Sit by a river
Imagine slowing down its journey
Each rapid and whirlpool distending Into a single body of water

Imagine slowing down time.

2017 July, Cumbria UK, Graham Barker 


Something that reminds you of
autumn going into winter.

Something that reminds you of
winter going into spring.


Something that reminds you of
spring going into summer.


Something that reminds you of
summer going into autumn.


It can be a colour, sound,
smell or touch.

2017 July, Cumbria UK, Graham Barker 

Unforseen #1

Homemade pinhole camera

18 images

18 second exposure


Every 18 minutes or

Every 18 hours or

Every 18 days or

Every 18 years

(Don’t choose the latter as
you will not live that long)

2017 August, Cumbria UK, Graham Barker 


Sit by a river

Listen to the different sounds

Over the rapids and in the quiet pools.

In your mind, merge them together

As one single melody.

Explore other rivers and see if they are different or the same.

2017 July, Cumbria UK, Graham Barker 


Fill a water bottle from a sea or a lake.

Climb the nearest highest peak.

Pour the water upon the highest stone.

Carry a stone down to that same water source.

Ask yourself how you feel about this journey and action.

Did it feel sacred, a burden, cathartic or perhaps nothing at all. 

2017 July, Cumbria UK, Graham Barker 

Littoral: Piece#1

Bare feet just under the sea

Where the water ebbs and flows

upon a shore.

Find a nice pebble 

Take it out from the water

Turn it over in the palm of your hand.

Wait until it becomes dry and dull

Place it back in the water

Where you found it.

Say goodbye.

Repeat with another stone.

2017 August, Whitstable, Kent UK


Go to a park early one spring morning, where the cherry trees grow. Cancel all plans and obligations for the whole day. If necessary, call in sick for work or lie that your dog has just died! 


Choose a bud that's ready. Stay there and watch it open. It will take time. Compare the bud in your memory with the flower that has revealed itself to you. Stay there until the day turns to evening and the flower closes up for the night.

Do this at least once in your life, it's just for one day. 

Ideas is drawn from 'Culture and Value': Wittgenstein, translated by Peter Winch

The miracles of nature.

One might say: art shows us the miracles of nature. It is based on the concept of the miracles of nature. (The blossom, just opening out. What is marvellous about it?) We say: "Just look at it opening out!"

2017 October,, UK. Graham Barker